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Is It Time For Bathroom Renovations?

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary where you feel like you can relax. Let’s face it: there’s almost nothing better than taking a refreshing bath or shower after a long day. But, if your bathroom is small and outdated, you most likely don’t want to spend a lot of time in it. In fact, you probably want to get in and out of your bathroom as quick as possible.

Whether you simply want to remodel your bathroom for design and comfort reasons, or you need more space, Premier Indoor Lifestyles is here to help. As one of the leading bathroom remodeling services in Greensboro, NC, we understand that bathroom renovations can be intimidating and overwhelming. Luckily, we have a simple design-to-construction process that will keep you reassured and satisfied.

Bathroom renovations Greensboro NC
Bathroom Remodeling Services

Design Your Custom Master Bathroom

Designing a personalized bathroom renovation in Greensboro, NC can be hard. After all, it seems like most contractors nowadays just want to give you the standard remodel that everyone else has. Unlike other contractors in the area, we are dedicated to giving our customers the opportunity to truly customize their bathroom.

In other words, you will have direct design power every step of the way. During your initial consultation, our contractors will go over your goals and design preferences for your bathroom remodeling service. Instead of trying to persuade you to choose a more expensive or less labor-intensive option that will only benefit us, our contractors are there to clarify and understand your design goals. When we give our input, it will solely be with the intention of how your design goals can be translated into a custom master bathroom that works for your home’s foundation and overall architecture.

Our bathroom remodeling services range from simply replacing your floors, repainting your walls, and installing new cabinets, to renovating your sink, toilet, bath, and shower and even expanding your space. We believe that there’s truly no such thing as a bathroom renovation that’s too easy or complicated.

Installation Of Your Bathroom

Renovations Greensboro NC

One of the primary concerns homeowners have about bathroom renovations is how long the project will take. All of our bathroom remodeling services are completed quickly and efficiently. Of course, the exact duration of a remodel is ultimately dependent upon the type and extent of remodeling service you choose.

Even though the duration and construction procedures of our remodeling services are different for all our customers, our cleanup process isn’t. We make sure to clean up throughout and after the construction process, so you won’t have to worry about coming home to a new bathroom that has any debris or leftover equipment.

For more information about our bathroom remodeling services, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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